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Mathematical Content

Here is an organized list of all mathematics materials that are either created by me or found on the web. Please let me know if there is something you'd like to see added to the list.

Videos by Nico

At one point I had the idea to create a new channel that taught mathematics to the masses. I completed my first video and realized that I didn't have the time necessary to keep this project up. Perhaps I will return to it when and if my school career affords me the time to do so.

Proof of the Quadratic Formula

LaTeX for Assorted Classes

I wrote these notes for the Calc II/III class I ran for South Central Scholars during the summer of 2016. They include brief excursions into special topics that I held at the end of every week. (PDF) You can also download a rather large (ZIP) file (about 60MB) containing all the exams and worksheets, if you so please.

I TeX'd a large portion of my notes from my undergrad math classes in order to (a) organize the semester's material for studying; and (b) to practice using . I believe I succeeded on both counts, although some of the following are more complete than others due to time constraints.

Math 430 - Theory of Numbers (PDF) (TEX)

Math 410 - Fundamental Concepts of Modern Algebra (PDF) (TEX)

Math 471 - Topics in Linear Algebra (PDF) (TEX)

Math 425a - Principles of Mathematical Analysis (PDF) (TEX)

Math 440 - Topology (PDF) (TEX)

External Web Links

Mathematical Association of America
This association is primarily centered around academia - students, teachers, and administrators. They offer member discounts on literature including their own journals and mathematics-related books.

American Mathematical Society
This society puts a wider focus on math research. It has similar publications as the MAA, but tends to put less emphasis on academia. They are also the developers of the amsmath package for LaTeX, which allows us to write complicated mathematical formulas in nicely-typeset documents.

LaTeX Wikibook
For anyone interested in getting into LaTeX (pronounced LAY-tek), it is on its most basic level a markup language, similar to HTML. There are certainly more complex aspects to it as you get into topics such as dynamically generating images, but this book should help you get started.

TeXstudio is my favorite IDE for writing TeX. It has great syntax highlighting and code completion (it instantly imports commands from packages when you add them to your preamble). It also has plenty of shortcuts to quickly access commonly-used formatting tools.

Project Euler
A fun website that has challenges that incorporate math and programming skills to solve problems. It keeps your brain fresh and helps you learn new techniques in both subjects!