I am a Ph.D. student at University of Washington, Seattle studying mathematics. I am primarily interested in representation theory, category theory, and artifical intelligence but I am fascinated by most aspects of math and science. At the moment I am simultaneously pursuing my studies in algebra (the main focus for my degree) along with theoretical and applied computer science courses. My eventual goal is to determine the best way to blend my interests in a way that is both practical and spiritually fulfilling.

I enjoy teaching and mentoring (especially in small groups) and have participated in many different pedagogical roles to explore what I feel is the best way to learn and grow and impart knowledge. I have found the standard educational format a rather poor compromise in many ways and am always looking for new ways to shake things up.

Feel free to explore the content on this site to read more about who I am as a student, a researcher, and as a person. Drop me a line any time if you’d like to chat.